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How many electric motors are in a Car?

AUTHOR: PRANSHU UPADHAYAY This question is quite analogous to “How many bones are there in a human body?”. As a human body cannot function without bones, a car needs many electric motors to operate several functions for it to drive ...

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An introduction of rare-earth nitride magnets

AUTHOR: XUAN XU The magnetic states of most rare-earth monopnictides have been known for decades; many of these studies were completed in the 1960s. The heavier pnictides were found to be antiferromagnetic, in contrast almost all the nitrides are ferromagnetic. ...

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International Conference on Electrical Machines

AUTHOR: ADOLFO GARCIA GONZALEZ This year the 22nd edition of the International Conference on Electrical Machines ICEM took place in Lausanne, Switzerland. Lausanne is located at approximately 40 minutes from Geneva Airport by train and situated on the coast of ...

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Let’s discuss motors in Electric vehicles

AUTHOR: AMIT JHA The concept of electric vehicle first emerged in mid-19th century. However, with the development of internal combustion engine (ICE) technology, and lower price of oil, the fuel based vehicle became the more economical choice for consumer than ...

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Metals in balance on the market

AUTHOR: MARTINA OREFICE “Why should recycling be more convenient than primary production?” This the question that I received in the last DEMETER event asked by a mechanical engineer. I guess that if we ask the same question to people in ...

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What are Rare Earth Elements, REEs?

AUTHOR: Muhammad Awais Dear Reader, A question which might have crossed your mind is what are Rare Earths? Another question might be why are they called rare earth elements and what are their real life applications? To answer these questions, ...

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