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Electric vehicles: the past and the future

AUTHOR: Simona Sobekova   When has it started? Electric vehicles (EVs) appeared first in the middle of 19th century [1]. Who was the first inventor is now diluted in time. What is for sure, first experimental electric cars appeared just ...

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Grundfos: sustainability in practice

AUTHOR: Martina Orefice On my flight back to Belgium…if FIAT had not quit the etn-DEMETER project just before it started, I would have been returning from my home country, Italy. But I am undoubtedly much happier to have been sent ...

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Happy Valentines Day!

AUTHOR: Martina Orefice “If you love something, you do not necessarily need to own it but care for it”1 says the wise fox to the Little Prince. And what about us? Do we take care of our Mother Earth or ...

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Magnetic Materials in Electrical Machines

AUTHOR: Adolfo Garcia In electrical machines, the aim is generally to attain the highest possible efficiency. Efficiency is given by the ratio of the output power and the input power (Pload and Pe in figure 1). That is, the efficiency ...

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A day in the life of a JRC scientist

Communicating science can be done in many ways: presenting research results or a poster at a conference, talking with your friends and family, or even blogging about science. Through short videos, as well, it is possible for scientists to engage ...

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