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AUTHOR: Martina Orefice Report from the 20 Years of Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions Brussels, 29 November 2016. Hotel Plaza, Boulevard Adolphe Max 118. We are in the baroque-decorated theatre of a 4 stars hotel in Brussels, the capital of Belgium ...

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IEEE International Magnetics Conference

IEEE International Magnetics Conference Dublin, Ireland 24th – 28th April 2017 Conference Topics Magneto-electronics: fundamentals and applications (non-recording) Giant magnetoresistance Tunneling magnetoresistance Spin transfer torque Magnetoresistive and half-metallic materials Complex oxides Multiferroic materials Voltage-controlled magnetic anisotropy and switching Magnetic semiconductors Spin ...

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SIM² KU Leuven’s Guide to Open Access

SIM² KU Leuven has developed a handy guide on how to deal with the Open Access requirement in EU Horizon 2020 projects. The guide is in the form of a step-by-step diagram that can be downloaded here.

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