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Ionic liquid-based solvoleaching of NdFeB magnets

Ionic liquids (ILs) are widely studied to recover metals from ores or end-of-life products, but not above 100 °C and atmospheric pressure. Here the IL [Hbet][Tf2N] was used dry to leach NdFeB magnets and scrap at high temperature.

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Smartphones, geopolitics and a stubborn Belgian

Following the Social License to Operate Symposium in Leuven (Feb’ 21, 2018, Artefact), Dirk Draulans (a renowned science journalist), produced a three-page article for Knack, Flanders’ leading political (weekly) magazine.

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Artefact SLO Symposium: Five Lessons Learned

In this article “Five lessons learned” Peter Tom Jones reflects on the Artefact Symposium on the Social License to Operate for mining & recycling of critical metals and summarises some key take-home messages. Reactions are welcome.

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The rare-earth element Balance Problem revisited

Following their previous, widely-cited work with respect to the rare-earth element Balance Problem, Prof. Binnemans and colleagues have just published a thorough update of this key issue in the Journal of Sustainable Metallurgy.

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Umicore announces battery production investments

On February 8, 2018, Umicore reported a net profit of 267 million euro in 2017. Concurrently, Umicore announced an investment of 660 million euro to ramp up the production of battery (cathode) materials for a.o. electric vehicles.

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To mine or not to mine, that is the question

Join us in Leuven on February 21 for a unique Symposium on the Social License to Operate for mining of critical metals. The Symposium is part of the Arts festival “Artefact 2018: This Rare Earth – Stories from Below”.

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