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Electric-car revolution faces its biggest test

Are electric cars ready to stand on their own? If you took a spin down to the New York auto show and saw the $37,500 Chevy Bolt (electric) parked next to the strikingly similar $17,000 Chevy Cruze (gasoline), the answer ...

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Will EU produce rare earths from its own mines?

In 2013 the FP7 EURARE project was initiated with as goal to develop sustainable exploitation schemes for Europe’s rare-earth ore deposits. Recently, an overview article was published in the Johnson Matthey Technology Review.

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Ten good reasons to use solvometallurgy

The position paper “Solvometallurgy: an emerging branch of extractive metallurgy” is now available as an open access paper from the Journal of Sustainable Metallurgy website. The paper presents ten reasons to use solvometallurgy.

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Kick-off VLAIO O&O ANTARES project completed

On April 18, 2017, the VLAIO O&O ANTARES project kicked off at the premises of Campine in Beerse (Belgium). ANTARES targets high-grade antimony trioxide production from a diversified antimony-containing feed stream.

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Oliver Gutfleisch (TUD) wins ERC Advanced Grant

SIM² KU Leuven is happy to share the news that its ETN EREAN colleague at the Technical Unversity of Darmstadt (Germany), Prof. Oliver Gutfleisch, has been granted a prestigious ERC Advanced Grant on magnetocaloric cooling.

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Women in Science

AUTHOR: Gwen Bailey Even at the completion of our soft skill training last month on “Gender Issues in Science,” there is still a lot of discussion among the Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) about how to get women more involved in ...

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