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University of Birmingham launches new Centre

University of Birmingham is launching an ambitious new Centre. The Centre will be known as “the Birmingham Centre for Strategic Elements and Critical Materials” (BCSECM). This new interdisciplinary centre encompasses a diverse range of expertise including capabilities in physical sciences, life sciences, law and the social sciences.

The launch event will take place on Wednesday 29th March 2017 at the University of Birmingham. Attendance is FREE, but available BY REGISTRATION ONLY at the following link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/birmingham-centre-for-strategic-elements-critical-materials-launch-event-tickets-31506055460

Key PI’s for this Centre are Dr. Alan Walton and Prof. Neil Rowson, who are strongly involved in EU MSCA-ETNs EREAN & DEMETER coordinated by SIM² KU Leuven’s and in the EU H2020 NEOHIRE project. Dr. Walton’s work on direct recycling of NdFeB magnets is considered as one of the benchmarks in this research domain. Furthermore, Dr. Walton spearheaded the recycling group within the prestigious ERECON Network set up by the European Commission.

SIM² KU Leuven wishes this new Centre the best of luck and expresses its desire to cooperate in the future!


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