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Simona Sobekova 

Email: simona.sobekovafoltova@chem.kuleuven.be

Simona Sobekova is an early stage researcher at the Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry of KU Leuven (Belgium). Within MSCA-ETN Project DEMETER, her research is focused on Sm/Co and Nd/Dy/Fe separation from magnets by using solvent extraction with ionic liquids.
Simona obtained her MSc degree in Environmental Engineering at Technical University of Kosice (Slovakia) in 2014. Studies at Faculty of Metallurgy had interdisciplinary character (e.g. steel and non-ferrous metals production, chemistry, mineralogy, material science), with the main emphasis on metal recovery techniques, pyro-/hydrometallurgy and processing of industrial waste. Several technical skills were acquired as well. She spent two years working on her thesis “Material Recycling of Automotive Shredder Residue”. Part of the experiments were carried at RWTH Aachen University (Germany) during her practical internship in 2013. Under the supervision of Prof. Ing. Tomas Havlik, DrSc., she won the special price at student research symposium Metallurgy 2013 (sect. Environment) from Technical University of Kosice and the price for the best MSc thesis TOP 2014 (Technology Protecting the Environment) from Automotive Industry Association of Slovak Republic.
DEMETER project is a new challenge in her life, but also a chance to continue in what she likes.

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