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Saso Sturm

Sturm Saso

Supervisor ESR13

Assoc. Prof. Sašo Šturm

Jožef Stefan Institute
E-mail: saso.sturm@ijs.si

Assoc. Prof. Sašo Šturm is a senior researcher at the Department for Nanostructured Materials at the Jožef Stefan Institute, assistant professor at University of Ljubljana and associate professor at Jožef Stefan International Postgraduate School, where he is giving lectures on various topics of TEM. He is the president of Slovene society for microscopy actively shaping the future of Slovene microscopy. His research is focused on the development and implementation of advanced TEM techniques for materials characterization, with core expertise on high-resolution imaging and spectroscopy. His present career goals are focused towards in situ TEM using specialized liquid and electrochemical chamber holders.