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EU H2020 MSCA-ETN DEMETER project kicked off!

DEMETER Kick-off event took place in Leuven between 1-3 February 2016
To download the agenda of the event please click here: Agenda Kick-Off Event DEMETER

The main meeting took place on Monday, where members were reminded of the project’s guidelines, deliverables, milestones, management & outreach; ESRs gave a pitch presentation of their background, host institution and project goal; Partner Organisations gave introductory presentations over their companies. Furthermore, a lecture was given on “Rare earths: essential elements for the transition to a low-carbon economy” by REE expert Prof. Koen Binnemans. Following that was a DEMETER Café round, where ESRs could discuss their secondments with their corresponding hosts. Finally, different topics as well as upcoming events were discussed/planned, where some basic decisions were formed.

On Tuesday, in the enchanting Great Begijnhof (a historical preserved UNESCO World Heritage Site), ESRs (joined by some interested Supervisors and members of the Management Support Team) followed a soft skills training over “Non-violent communication in the work place”, by Godfrey Spencer.

On Wednesday, ESRs have attended another soft-skills course, this time on the general principles of IP, by Kristel Allewijn and Gunther Wuytens. This was followed by a brain storming meeting with the short film maker (short film is planned to come out in June). A closing lunch was a perfect finale!

And this was the end of the meeting and the beginning of a promising project!


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