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Jean-Marc Dubus

E-mail: Jean-Marc.Dubus@valeo.com

Jean-Marc Dubus (WP3 Leader, S/T training, SB Representative, 15% FTE involvement) At VALEO Electrical system Research and development since 1989. Advanced project manager integrated starter-alternator reversible systems & electrical machines.Jean-marc DUBUS is active in many international projects including:

  • EU FP7 MAG-DRIVE (New permanent magnets for electric-vehicle drive applications), [GC.SST.2013-2.] Next generation electric motors. (2013-2016) Role: Partner http://mag-drive-fp7.eu/
  • EU FP7 ROMEO (Replacement and Original Magnet Engineering Options), [NMP.2012.4.1-3] Development of advanced magnetic materials without, or with reduced use of, critical raw materials. (2012-2015) Role: Partner http://www.romeo-fp7.eu/
  • MATINOV Innovatives magnetic material, Industrial Chair in collaboration with Université Versailles Saint Quentin, Institut des Nano-Sciences de Paris, Ecole Nationale Supérieure Cachan, Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’ Ingénieurs CAEN . Development of Fe16N2 magnetic phase, Nanostructured hexaferrites, New magnetic phases.