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Irena Skulj

Irena Škulj

Supervisor ESR8

Irena Skulj

MAGNETI Ljubljana
E-mail: Irena.Skulj@magneti.si

I did my diploma degree at The University of Ljubljana in corrosion protection of NdFeB powders and my PhD at The University of Birmingham in oxidation behaviour of Co and Dy modified NdFeB magnets. After graduation I have started working at Institute of Metals and Technology in Ljubljana. My research on melt-spinning process for quasicrystalline Ti-Zr-Ni alloys and microstructural changes that occur in Gd–Si–Ge magnetocaloric alloys modified with additions of Fe. Before 7 and ½ years I have found and opportunity to get more experience in industry so I have started a carrier in MAGNETI Ljubljana d.d. in Ljubljana. Here I am in charge of Research in rare-earths magnets.