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Darmstadt Symposium on critical metals (July 13)

On the 13th of July there will be a milestone Symposium on the importance of critical metals for green energy technologies. The Symposium takes place in Darmstadt, Germany. A number of keynote lectures by renowned experts, including Prof. Oliver Gutfleisch, will provide a unique update on the Great Transition towards a low-carbon circular economy.

The unsustainability of our fossil fuel based society and economy is at the beginning of the end. Today, the critical supply of primary and secondary resources directly impacts on the development and cost of advanced materials which form the basis for a number of latest green energy technologies. The efficient utilisation or substitution of strategic metals with more sustainable and earth abundant elements is the big challenge for the Great Transition. Well-known experts from academia and industry will give key-note lectures addressing the substitutionability of critical metals in the different classes of functional materials. The aim is to develop new materials and efficient energy technologies with a reduced supply risk and enhanced environmental sustainability.

The workshop is jointly organised by the DGM Fachausschüsse Funktionswerkstoffe and Werkstoffe der Energietechnik and the Jung-DGM Darmstadt. Co-organisers are the Fraunhofer Project Group Materials Recycling and Resource Strategies IWKS, the Hessen LOEWE Excellence Cluster RESPONSE, the TU Darmstadt Profile Area Future Energy Systems and the KIC EIT Raw Materials.

Download the full programme here

Orangerie, Darmstadt


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