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Grundfos: sustainability in practice

AUTHOR: Martina Orefice On my flight back to Belgium…if FIAT had not quit the etn-DEMETER project just before it started, I would have been returning from my home country, Italy. But I am undoubtedly much happier to have been sent ...

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Metal recycling

AUTHOR: Anas Eldosouky The importance of metals in our daily life is ubiquitous. Their properties such as fracture toughness, shininess and thermal and electrical conductivity allow them to be used in an unlimited number of applications: including transportation, paints, packaging, appliances ...

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Metals in balance on the market

AUTHOR: MARTINA OREFICE “Why should recycling be more convenient than primary production?” This the question that I received in the last DEMETER event asked by a mechanical engineer. I guess that if we ask the same question to people in ...

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What are Rare Earth Elements, REEs?

AUTHOR: Muhammad Awais Dear Reader, A question which might have crossed your mind is what are Rare Earths? Another question might be why are they called rare earth elements and what are their real life applications? To answer these questions, ...

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The importance of being E…SR

AUTHOR: Martina Orefice Are you a recent graduate ? Then this post is for you! Are you a jobseeker with a high level of education? Then this post is for you! Do you already miss your student life and wonder ...

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