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Anas Eldosouky

 Email: anaseldosouky@yahoo.com

I am a PhD Researcher at MAGNETI Ljubljana d.d. in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The objective of the work is to use the hydrogen decrepitation technique for the direct recycling of SmCo magnets with or without coating.


     For my bachelor, I graduated from the faculty of science, pure and applied Chemistry department, Helwan University (Egypt), at the year of 2010. In September 2013, I joined the SERP Chem Erasmus Mundus master program where I have studied different material science and chemistry courses and in July 2015, I defended my master thesis in Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland on the determination of rare earth elements by using plasma techniques.


     I have started my career as a demonstrator in Helwan University (Egypt) and then I decided to turn to the industrial field where I have worked as a quality control and researcher on the synthesis and development of different inorganic and organic materials and then I end up in the Nuclear Materials Authority of Egypt as a researcher on the extraction, recycling and analysis of lanthanides and actinides from ores and wastes since January 2012.