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Amit Kumar Jha

 Email: amitk.jha10@gmail.com

The topic of my research work is ‘“Design of Halbach permanent magnet external rotor for electromobility ” . I am employed by G2Elab , Grenoble INP, Grenoble , France.

Before staring with the PhD I was working as Electrical motor engineer for traction application at Bombardier Transportation. I was responsible for designing and calculating performance of motor as per different customer requirements. Have also worked very closely with labs and manufacturing site. I was also part of many development projects.

I did my MSc thesis at Xylem Water Solutions, Sweden on “ Optimization of line start PM motor for magnet reduction” and after my thesis got opportunity to work in the company and continued with my work.

Other than research work I have worked for 2 years as Quality Engineer and project engineer at Schneider Electric India and A.K.Erectors respectively.

I did my Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, India. To continue with my studies I moved to Sweden and did my MSc from Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden in Electrical power engineering specialized in electrical PM motor design.